Turn The Page Wash Your Hands by Survay Say!

Turn The Page Wash Your Hands by Survay Says!

from the CD Observations of the Human Condition available on Bandcamp

Turn The Page Wash Your Hands
Henry Menzel & Dennis “D.Jay” Menzel

There’s still so much more to discuss
And So much more to learn
So much more to discover one day after another
Such better days to earn

But the overlords still have control
And it’s weakened so much of my soul
It’s like I’m always around new company
And time has changed so much of me

But I’m actually okay

I’m still low on gas and the prices are rising
And at this point I shouldn’t find it surprising
Applications for days and no cure for cancer
And they tell me a real job is still the right answer

Believe in a genre, Believe in a scene
But it seems nobody is believing in me
The apathy here will always amaze me
And I’m starting to believe that I’m actually crazy

But I’m actually okay

Despite all the systems working against me
I might end up okay

Thanks to anyone who gives a damn
‘Cause these lyrics and notes are who I am

Turn The Page Wash Your Hands

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