ThirdWaveSka channel on Roku & new video show (?)

ThirdWave Ska on Roku? Have they no shame? Apparently not! We got word last night that we are officially back on all Roku stores. If you get your Roku goodness from the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, France, or Ireland (aren’t they still in the UK for a while?) you can now put ThirdWaveSka and all its Ska Punk beats on your big TV’s with the great audio systems.  As an added bonus, since we were kicked off the air, we had to reapply for Roku so we went in as a video channel as well as straight audio. Of course we still want all your podcasts and shows to send out over We are here to spread the good sounds.

The reason we did this is we love music videos. ugliness of our DJ’s aside, we want to bring back the video show.  We are hoping to develop enough interest and a big enough library to produce a video podcast and a daily or weekly show on Facebook Live.  Because of this, we are reaching out to all the bands and all the labels out there.  We want to work with you to promote Ska Punk music to the world.  Please watch the video and contact us. We need your music and your videos to build the best doggone show that we can.  As a special bonus for watching, Madaline’s Outside the Lines and MSH’s Taking You All are there for your viewing pleasure. I’m in there for your view displeasure.

We really love our job.


ThirdWaveSka on Roku posted the ThirdWaveSka on Roku announcement on August 28, 2016 because we worked too hard not to show it.
ThirdWaveSka Radio is available by clicking the Listen Now button on this page because that’s why we’re here. You can also hear us on the TuneIn and ShoutCast Apps. Sponsored players are also available on Google Play and Apple Store.

3 thoughts on “ThirdWaveSka channel on Roku & new video show (?)

  • November 26, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    This Roku station is not playing ska at all. It’s playing weird acid jazz and funk. I’m so disappointed.

    • November 26, 2016 at 11:18 pm

      Well that ain’t right! We made the adjustment but it takes a while for Roku to approve changes. So since we would not want to disappoint, you can add our private channel until we get our act together. You add it by going to you Roku account on your computer. Go to “My Account” and “Add a channel”. Enter our vanity code “ThirdWaveSka” and then on the Roku do a system update. Let me know it that works for you otherwise I will slap myself for letting you down.


  • December 2, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    We got that whole crap figured out with Roku. ThirdWaveSka is now playing skankin’ goodness. Thanks for letting us know that we messed up. Please keep us honest.


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