Punk Rockers with the highest Net Worth

This article comes from the Music Times, it lists the punk rockers with the highest net worth.


It’s a fascinating article in which they detail the 6 punk rockers with the highest net worth and how they made their millions.  The inspiration was from a Forbes article on the world richest rap stars.

The names should be know to all but their stories are quite different.  Joey Ramone (listed at #5) made his money from merchandising.  They also show the difference between Joey and Marky simply because the most popular line up is Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy.  Henry Rollins (listed at #4) may not be as high in the marketing biz (thanks to Gregg Ginn) but has plenty of acting and spoken word tour gigs.  We suggest you see him, he’s brilliant and above is a sample of this talks. Tim Armstrong (#3) is really the only one based on music.  Granted his money is generated from songs he’s written for Pink and Gwen Stafani.  John Lydon is at #2 because of his radio and TV shows but his product has always been John Lydon hasn’t it?

The surprising number one is Ian Mackaye. Part of Minor Threat and Fugazi. They dismiss the idea that it’s because he runs Dischord records in favor of the tongue in cheek reasoning because of his straight edge lifestyle, he simply doesn’t spend millions on drugs and alcohol.

So however they made their money, they did it their way and doing what they love.  Now you go our and do what you love.



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