Nekromantix Gargoyles Over Copenhagen

Nekromantix are our of Denmark. They are the kind of genre busting, over the top, good time psychobilly band that we love around here.  They released A Symphony of Wolf Tones and Ghost Notes on Hellcat this year.  With his coffin bass and baritone voice, Kim Nekroman strikes a pose that we haven’t seen since Danzig left the Misfits. We saw them in a little club here in Dallas but we would of loved to have seen them at the SoCal Hoedown in August. They play on a bill that included Shooter Jennies, The Blasters, The Supersuckers, and rockabilly original Wanda Jackson.  Now that’s a show for the ages.

Bio from the Nekromantix Facebook Page:

Never self-serious while far from a joke at the same time, Nekromantix is a musical unearthing of the biggest themes from the greatest works of monster, zombie, vampire, werewolf and b-horror fiction; ripped from literature, comic book pages or classic celluloid. Nekromantix chases a darkly romantic muse with an even darker humor.
The Nekromantix catalog boasts enduring genre classics like the unapologetically hooky yet undeniably fierce “Who Killed the Cheerleader?” and “Gargoyles Over Copenhagen” alongside subversively sentimental cuts like “Haunted Cathouse” and “Subcultural Girl.” There are echoes of rock n’ roll’s greats and punk rock icons alike, all with modern flair.

Armed with his signature coffin bass, chilling baritone, monstrous expressions and ten-stories-tall haircut, Kim Nekroman has earned tremendous respect, admiration and goodwill from a fiercely dedicated legion of hard-partiers, rabble-rousers, well-meaning degenerates, grease monkeys, outlaw bikers, nostalgic tastemakers and forward-thinking punks. It’s a crew of supporters as diverse as the otherwise classic and timeless music the Danish-born California transplant has unleashed as leader of Nekromantix.
Nekroman’s notorious quiff is as instantly recognizable as the coffin bass he’s slapped into submission on nine studio albums, countless worldwide tours and festivals. The quiff, of course, combines the midcentury rebel style of the pompadour and flattop with the punk attitude of New York and Europe from the late 70s. It’s a fitting symbol for the style of music Nekromantix has perfected into an art form, a rollicking psychobilly sound with reverence for the genre’s origins and predecessors, infused with an iconoclastic boundlessness that refuses to abandon the electric catharsis of unadulterated fun.


Nekromantix Gargoyles Over Copenhagen was published on December 8th on Third Wave Ska Punk radio is available on ShoutCast, TuneIn, iTunes, and Roku. Also on the player of this very page.

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