(monkeysphere) is a 9 piece band from Dallas with one of the most unique sounds in ska.

As part of a surprisingly deep Dallas ska punk scene (monkeysphere) has been around since 2013.  Large even by ska standards,  this nine piece band likes to say that “Our dream of building the (monkeysphere) symphonic orchestra is slowly becoming a reality”. The power this band puts out radiates no matter how big they eventually become.

The duo of Snooki and Skankin’ Jay front the band. And the addition of the theremin takes the traditional ska punk sounds to a new level. As they like to quote themselves “A post ska revelation incarnated in a group of musical misfits bringing an inspired blend of punk, surf, psychedelic and garage rock”. Simple enough.

Released in 2015 (cosmicpolitan) was their first album. And Music for Awkward People to Dance to, their second, was released in May 2016.

(monkeysphere) Lineup:

Zooki (vocals), Skankin Jay (guitar & vox), Mikey Frenchtoast (bass), Colton (drums), E-Dub (theremin), Jim (saxophone), Jerod (trumpet), Brad (trumpet), and Todd (trombone)

From bio:

(monkeysphere) is a post ska revelation of a diverse group of seasoned Dallas area musicians brought together by their desire to work collaboratively with a fresh and innovative sound.

Combining their backgrounds, (monkeysphere) brings a new spin to rock & roll mixing punk, rockabilly and garage rock with a basis of up-beat ska medleys.

Follow them on Facebook and find their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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