Mahones Punk Rock Saved My Life

The Mahones Punk Rock Saved My Life is an anthem that became a Top 10 song of all time to me.  The fact that this lyric video features photos from their lives and people they met on the road just emphasizes the true meaning of Punk.

This song is taken from The Hunger and The Fight Part 2 released last year.

From Mahones webpage:

From an Irish pub to an Academy Award winning movie: The Mahones have come a long way in 25 years. Heralded as pioneers of the Irish punk scene, and internationally recognized as one of the best and hardest working punk outfits around, The Mahones formed on St. Patrick’s Day in 1990, and have been working on their own brand of Irish punk ever since.

With a working class ethic and a love of classic punk, Dublin-born Finny McConnell formed the band to combine his love of punk rock with his Irish culture. Alongside McConnell are Katie Kaboom, Michael O’Grady, Sean Winter, and Sean “Riot” Ryan. In 2016, Scruffy Wallace re-joined The Mahones after 14 years with Dropkick Murphys.
The band has toured through 35 countries internationally, headlined festivals all over the world, and has been honoured to share a stage with nearly all of their favourite bands. The band grew from Irish pubs and punk squats, to halls, theatres and arenas, touring relentlessly since their start, and is famous for an incredible high-energy live show.
In 2016, The Mahones are releasing a best of compilation: The Very Best (25 Years of Irish Punk) featuring brand new recordings of their classics songs on Whiskey Devil Records, and a deluxe version of their magnum opus The Hunger & The Fight, the first ever Irish punk double concept album that the band recently released to critical acclaim worldwide. In 2010, The Mahones started their own record label, Whiskey Devil Records, and have already released their past five albums through it, with major distribution worldwide (eOne, Wolverine Records). Sailor’s Grave Records will be releasing The Mahones’ 2016 albums in the US.



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