Judge Roughneck Ska in the Centennial State

Judge Roughneck pulls off to me an impossible feat. Taking one of my favorite songs and slowing it down! This is usually a double crime in my book but Judge Roughneck makes it work. Helped tremendously by Fishbone’s Angelo Moore, this song has such a tremendous groove that sucks you in and keeps you moving. The video is featured on the site AfroPunk and has some great insights to how the song came about. Mirror in the Bathroom is one of many great hits from The English Beat. From their base in Denver, the band plays a mixture of Two Tone and Jazz influenced early ska.

Hopefully this video means that some new music is coming. Their last CD True came out way back in 2002 and can be purchased here. Go sign up for their newsletter and get a free song.

If you don’t have plans yet for New Years Eve, they will be performing at Mercury Cafe in Denver.

From the Judge Roughneck Bio:

Judge Roughneck is one of Colorado’s premier bands.  Having a loyal fan base, and repeatedly voted Denver’s best ska/reggae act, Judge Roughneck has gained both commercial success and critical acclaim. Due to the band’s widespread appeal, they have been asked to perform over ten times at the prestigious Reggae on the Rocks Festival at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Judge Roughneck

Mirror in the bathroom by Judge Roughneck was featured on ThirdWaveSka.com on December 6th. Third Wave Ska Punk radio is available on ShoutCast, TuneIn and Roku.

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