Hanson Brothers NoMeansNo announce retirement

I was setting draft order for the Third Period Ska fantasy hockey team. I sat down with a bottle (or two) of Ska Brewery’s PinStripe Red Ale. My nemesis from St. Louis has refused to join for a second year with all but assures me another trip to the finals.  I put on my traditional get pumped for hockey playlist when my news feed pops up this news from John Wright, “With a heavy heart, I must announce the retirement of NoMeansNo,” he said. “A hiatus became a long hiatus and a lingering hiatus has become a permanent one.”

NoMeansNo is a Canadian institution having been playing around the Great White North since the release of Mama in 1982. NoMeansNo was great for producing the unexpected such as their fifteen minute version of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. They were also very early adopters of the craft brewing art form that we enjoy today. However, to me, they were at there best when Tommy, Johnny, Robbie and Kenny donned the leather and laced up the skates for their puck rock anthems. I cannot find a legitimate place to link to Gross Misconduct, Sudden Death or Johnny Hanson’s Puck Rock vol 1 but you need to seek them out.

Now I usually never do this because I try to focus on official videos but this is my opening night tradition song. Some souls may stir at Wayne Messmer singing the American National Anthem, to some it’s Oh Canada, Maybe it’s the theme to Hockey Night in Canada, if you played Playstation with the guys every Thursday for a decade, it could be the ESPN Theme song (I guess the channel uses it too), but to me it was always, without question the start of the season when I blaze up the big screen and play Hockey Night Tonight by the Hanson Brothers with visuals by SlapShot’s Hanson Brothers.


hanson brothers nomeansno announce retirement

ThirdWaveSka.com posted the Hanson Brothers NoMeansNo Retirement Announcement on September 27, 2016 and wish them the best.
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