Get Over Yourself – Llama Tsunami

 Get Over Yourself – Llama Tsunami

From the Llama Tsunami Bio:

Mixing rock instruments with a full horn section and delivering an enthusiastic live performance, Llama Tsunami is proud to be a ska band. Fans of Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, and Save Ferris will delight in this CT band’s catchy horn riffs and danceable, rocking energy. Inspiring sing-alongs since 2008, Llama Tsunami has developed a strong fan base and encouraged a revitalization of ska music in their area.

With no intention of fading away, Llama Tsunami is looking forward to an eventful year. On June 21, 2014, they released their new full length-album “Safety First.” While the lighthearted approach to songwriting featured on Get Serious endures in the spirit of the new material, the album reflects the growth that the band has experienced through the years.

The title of the 2010 debut album Get Serious expresses the necessity for dedication, but also pokes fun at those who take themselves too seriously. It was this dedication tempered by a upbeat attitude and strong sense of humor that propelled Llama Tsunami to first place in the 2011 Shure Give It Voice contest, earning them a RedGorilla Fest performance in Austin, TX during SXSW. After that initial success, the band was recognized at other events, taking second place in the 2012 Mohegan Sun Rooftop Rockoff and the WXIN Rock Hunt.

Through various trials, line up changes, and other challenges, Llama Tsunami has emerged stronger and turns its attention to the future. With new material in the works and plans for travel, the band will continue to carve out its niche as a driving force in the ska scene today. As the band says:

“We play ska. Some people don’t like that because apparently ska isn’t fun anymore. We beg to differ.”


Get Over Yourself - Llama Tsunami

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