Evokatones – Listen to the Goodness

The Evokatones Lineup:

Colleen Curran (Vocals), Devlin McDonald (Lead Guitar), Frank Dobinski (Bass), Algredo Bernal (Drums), Jonathan Beasley (Saxaphone), and Emily Joseph (Trombone).

From Evokatones Bio:

In the Summer of 2011, an eclectic group of musicians were brought together by former Evokatones percussionist and DC/MD ska scene veteran, Bobby Bobson with the help of Craigslist ads and connections made throughout the Baltimore underground music scene.  With a shared love of reggae/ska music and the vision of creating a classic, yet fresh sound that undeniably stirs the soul and moves the masses; the band was formed.  The Evokatone name came to be from a word that resounded with lead vocalist Colleen, while reading an article describing Bob Marley’s performing prowess as “evocative”.

She brought the word to the band, “tones” was added with the “c” changed to a “k” for “kick ass” (not really, but maybe) and the name was born.  They practiced tediously for 4 months to perfect their sound/line-up and prepare for their ambitious debut show opening for The Toasters in October of 2011.

The ‘Tones haven’t looked back since; playing relentlessly.  Releasing their debut album in June of 2013 to positive reviews, the band has seen their fan base grow from the thriving Baltimore underground into the corners of DC, PA and VA; with fans of all ages and backgrounds.  With an energetically exciting, interactive live show, solid musicianship, conscious yet catchy original tunes and well-known covers done with their own signature flare, this 7-piece rocksteady powerhouse has an impact that is evocative and fun, making them one of the most enlivening acts in the DC/MD/VA area.

Stay tuned because there is more goodness to come…






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