Behind Deadlines releases Status Quo

Behind Deadlines have just released their follow up to Before Summer Ends. It’s called Status Quo and is available on Bandcamp. You can name your own price for the download but the physical CD contains 4 bonus tracks and cost $10.  Once again it is filled with fun hooks and great lyrics. I mean seriously, when you are buying this CD, take the time to read the lyrics. Talk about angst and conflict.

Over analyze the sites that they post and treat it all as a joke; look at them differently than before. The irony is we don’t look at ourselves or care for anyone else, and we’ll  all  become what we abhor. – Sick of it all

Well it won’t be long before things start looking up for me. And my only big regret is that you’ll never see how wrong you can be because you make me feel so low. I’ll never let you see how high I can go. – Making Change

Here’s a great line about my daily experience at my corporate job.

They’re calling secret meetings, gossip’s breeding, who is next? Each week we’re waiting, hoping; workload’s choking us to death. And we all still remember how it was and how it should have been before they built revolving doors here – Laid Off

And this passage pretty much sums up optimism that we still feel around the room here:

This ship may have run ashore, but it hasn’t run its course, Grab the oars, I see the tide is rollin’ in – Sink or Swim

Line up from the Behind Deadlines Facebook page

– Zach Brooks – Vocal/Guitar
– Gee Lima – Drums
– Mike Bruno – Bass
– Skylar Stills – Trombone
– Chris Miller – Sax

behind deadlines posted that Behind Deadlines has released Status Quo on December 1, 2016 because we need some good vibes heading into winter.
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